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Please take your time to find out what you can buy in our store. We offer tested, highest-quality products. We are the only company to guarantee professional service and full guarantee of the delivery of products ordered from our store. Our company distributes chemical reagents manufactured in specialised Chinese factories. Chemical reagents supplied by us are mainly used for educational and scientific purposes (research chemicals). They are also recommended for collectors of all kinds and those interested in specific chemical reagents. The products we offer are not included in the list of prohibited products. We sell through direct delivery from a Chinese distributor or from our warehouses in the European Union to the destination. Due to the different laws of various countries, some products may not be shipped. Our store processes orders from Monday to Friday. We provide full guarantee for delivery and compliance with all standards mandatory in the countries of destination. Every order comes with the necessary documentation and is properly packed, which ensures problem-free shipments. In our assortment of products, you can find all kinds of chemical reagents used for research (rc chemicals), including the most popular ones, such as 3-mmc, also known as metaphedrone, or 4-cmc, also known as clephedrone. They are substitutes for 4-mmc which is now an illegal substance. 4-mmc is the most popular of all RC chemicals, it is popularly known as mephedrone and is classified as a designer drug. We also offer such chemicals as, for example, n-ethyl-pentedrone. All substances we sell (in particular 3mmc and 4cmc) are not suitable for human consumption, they are only suitable for educational and research purposes. Our store does not sell or distribute chemical reagents which are illegal in individual countries. We only offer legal substances with full documentation (legalchem). We guarantee competitive prices and professional service. Choose a trusted store and check out our services.

We are available from Monday to Thursday. At that time, we realize the order that payment was credited to our bank account. Customer service to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday with deadline 24 hours!

We offer three forms of delivery:

- Courier from various warehouses located in the EU (shipping from different countries - very secure because the waiting time is 4-8 days) It is the only form of shipping that guarantees total security for our clients. The waiting time is longer due to security reasons but never exceeds 10 days.

Do we send the order by Poste Restante? - No

Do we send orders COD? - No

We guaranted delivery of every paid order. Please provide the correct delivery address and e-mail address. It was the specified e-mail will go to your tracking number within 8 hours from the date of shipment.

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